Overreaction to Capital Taxation in Saving DecisionsSingle-authored, (Job Market Paper), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Accepted. 

Why might Groups’ Decisions Differ from Individuals’? Investigation Based on Inter-member Interaction” (Undergraduate Thesis) with Haoran He, China Economic Quarterly (经济学季刊), 2021, Vol. 21(4): 1213-1232. 

Working Papers

“How do Households Respond to Expected Inflation? An Investigation of Transmission Mechanisms” with Janet Hua Jiang, Rupal Kamdar, and Daniela Puzzello  (Draft available upon request)

Teams, Time Pressure, and Coordination” with Ala Avoyan and Haoran He (Under review) 

Prosocial Preference, Social Image Motivation, and Green Asset Bubble” with Dragana Draganac (Under review)

The Economic Consequences of Unfair Pay Perception” with Weijia Wang